USMLE World Pediatrics Notes for Step 2 CK

As I posted on my previous post that I will be posting almost every day on the blog. So today, I will show you how I took notes from USMLE World. I will post some of my pediatrics notes from USMLE World.

Remember, in Step 2 CK the volume of information is huge. You wouldn’t be able to write everything down, which is why I prefer typing the notes. Now, many of you might say, you remember better by writing. Well, it is true but from my personal experience with a huge amount of information even if you write it down it would be hard to recall at the end of the day.

And one more thing, if you already took step 1, I am sure during the exam you were able to close your eyes and flip through the First Aid pages but let me tell you for CK you wouldn’t be able to do it. You have to understand the information fully and then apply your knowledge instead of trying to recall the pages of the book.

So what’s the benefit of typing? Well, it is faster and cleaner and you can go over it as many time as you want and modify the information as you already know information for CK is constantly changing. Also remember that I made my notes based on how I wanted it so your way of taking note is probably going to be different.

But I like writing down a concept from the explanation and little hints of what I get the right answer confuse with. This way when I go back to that question second time I know why I should not pick the wrong answer. So here is a sample of my USMLE World pediatrics notes.

Don’t forget if you need me to tutor you from USMLE World and for Step 2 CK or any other steps feel free to contact me.