Perfect Timing For The USMLE Step 1 Registration

I received lots of email from the IMGs and FMGs recently about when is the perfect time to register for USMLE Step 1. Some people even asked me if they should register during April to July since they heard that the American medical students take the exam at that time and it is “easier”.

Some students are also afraid to take the exam around January since they believe the IMGs from around the world take the exam during that time and it will be difficult to score high. So today I will tell you exactly when you should register for the Step 1.

First of all, the level of difficulty does not change no matter when you take it. And since there is no two-digit scoring system it really does not matter who you are competing against. Second of all, you should not take the exam based on the month of the year.

And there should be no competition against anyone. Compete against yourself! Third of all, you should also keep in mind that, the exam is random. The USMLE Board have over 20,000 questions in a pool and the computer randomly picks the questions with the same level of difficulty for everyone.

So basically, whether you are an IMG, FMG or AMG register for the exam when you are ready. Now you might ask how would you know you are ready. If your NBME average is more than 220 you will pass easily with a good score. Also try to take the exam as soon as you are hitting 220 to 240. Don’t wait till you get 260 on the NBME.

The more you delay the bitter the material will feel like and you will get demotivated. Good luck with studies!