Medical Students Are Being Trained To Be The Technical Support of God

Studying for steps can be frustrating. There are so many times I gave up when I was preparing for step 1. I think I lost counts of how many times I wanted to rip my hair off. There were times I forgot to go outside of my room for days.

There were times when I would look outside the window and see the bright sunny day and get depress of being in my room. I didn’t have any social life. Turned off my phones to avoid any distraction.

To my friends I was selfish. I didn’t go for any family vacation. In short, it was the loneliest time of my life. I hate it. I am sure many of you are on your 20s. Did you know this is like the best time to hang out with your friends? But, guess what?

When everyone is busy partying and chilling, we are preparing ourselves with the knowledge that no one can achieve.

We can’t give up. We are the best of the best. We are the technical support of what god has already built. Do you really want to give up? Listen, just stay focused.

Steps are not rocket science. We can do it. In fact, anyone can do it. It only takes hard work. By hard work I mean study hard core for few months and you are all set.

Friends, Girl Friends, Boy Friends and Vacation can wait.

Don’t give up yet! If you get demotivated do what I did, occupy yourself with steps forum and blog. Keep on reading them. Trust me they are the best motivators out there for us.

Good luck everyone!