USMLE Step 2 CS Tutor – Intense Prep Course To Score Pass ICE, CIS, & SEP

The USMLE Step 2 CS is a fun exam, but it can be nerve-wracking because you must demonstrate your knowledge and communication skills in person. My name is Dr. Rayan, and I have been tutoring and rehearsing the Step 2 CS session with students for over three years, and I am proud to say that all of my students have passed on their first attempt.

I host practice sessions daily, and today you can sign up for my 2-week intensive USMLE Step 2 CS prep course. I will be teaching and practicing live-on-demand daily to help you earn that high score on the ICE, CIS, and SEP that you’ve been preparing for. I only take a limited number of students at a time. So, sign up today!

2 weeks course

Per day
1-hour practice session

Coverage Material
High yield cases
Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE)
Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS)
Spoken English Proficiency (SEP)

Study Schedule
Individual-based study scheduled will be provided

Additional Guidance
One-on-one weekly progress meeting

Session Place

Pricing & Additional Questions

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