Best USMLE Resources For Step 1, CK, CS & Step 3

USMLE exams are very difficult and getting tougher every day. Not only that, even the residency is getting harder.

If you want to get your dream residency you have to score high. I don’t care if you have connections or not, you should try to get at least 230+ on your boards.

Always remember, nothing can beat an amazing score!

Recently, I am overwhelmed with all the emails you guys sent asking me what resources I used to study and prepare for my exams. As much as I want to reply to you all, unfortunately, I don’t have enough time.

So I told my web developer to make me a page with all the resources I used to prepare for my USMLE preparation so that it is organized and all of you can buy them from Amazon.

Every single books and resource were used by me. And I am fortunate enough to study the right materials and with hard work, I was able to score.

Step 1: 266
Step 2 CK: 255
Step 2 CS: Pass
Step 3: 228

To see what resources I used for my preparation you can check out my Best USMLE Resources page. It has all the books I used for Step 1, Step 2 CK, CS and Step 3.

I also listed what Vitamins I took, Tea I drank and even what I used for my workout!

I was a broke medical student so I used my money wisely to buy things that are under my budget.

So without any further discussion check out my USMLE Resources.