Why Do You Need A USMLE Study Schedule To Score 250

Every day I get tons of emails from you guys asking me to give you guys a good study schedule for your USMLE Preparation.

I have been so busy with work and did nothave much time to reply to you all with an individual study schedule. So in my spare time, I created a study schedule for USMLE Step 1 that I personally followed to score 266 in Step 1.

It is an intense 3 months study schedule that I followed religiously to keep me on track during my preparation. Let me tell you why you need an study schedule.

If you are reading this post you probably already started your USMLE Step preparation. However, you probably don’t have an exact plan on how to tackle all the material on time. I can completely understand and relate to your situation.

In the beginning, when I was preparing for Step 1, I was all over the place. I did so many materials to prepare myself and realized I needed a proper study guide to keep me on track so that I can study properly and efficiently.

Long story short, with my study schedule you will be able to keep track of your study materials and questions. And it will guide you on what to study daily till your exam.

Not only that, I also have 3 assessments scheduled on the study schedule so that you can take them for your progress.

The study schedule that I created for you guys it breaks down how many pages of each subject you should do per day and how many questions from USMLE World you should do per day from different subjects.

This USMLE Step 1 Study Schedule will guide you for 3 months till your exam. If you follow the schedule properly you should be able to take your exam within 3 months and score high on the exam.

Students who will buy the schedule will also get to my priority reply once a week to go over their progress or any questions that they have.

I am selling the schedule for only $5 USD. I understand the financial burden that medical students have, which is why I kept the price very low.

You can download the schedule from here. And once you pay you will have instant access to download the pdf. 

If you have any questions you can also contact me directly. I have my email address listed on the Study Schedule. 

Good luck studying!

P.S. I will be releasing Step 2 CK, CS and Step 3 Study Schedule next week.