Best Way To Prepare For USMLE Step 2 CK To Score Over 250

It’s been awhile I did not blog. But I have some good news for those who are taking USMLE Step 2 CK. If you are studying for CK or planning to study for CK I am sure you have asked your friends about which resource to use and almost everyone will tell you to read Masters The Boards (MTB) 2 and 3 with USMLE World.

Many people already scored high with these three resources. So when you try to study from these 3 resources I am sure you are thinking why isn’t there 1 book just like Step 1’s First Aid, where you can simply take notes from USMLE World on FA and keep on reviewing FA.

Not only that, you don’t even know which section to study from which MTB so at the end it becomes a mess and you will get irritated and it gets harder to review 2 books before the exam.

For those who are looking to study from only 1 source and score 240+ on Step 2 CK there is a good news. For my Step 2 CK, I only used Yale-G’s Refined Clinical Review.

Best Resource For USMLE Step 2 CKIt is an amazing book and the author wrote this book by combining high yield information from USMLE World, Kaplan Lecture Notes, MTBs and USMLE Secrets. Almost everyone I know who used the book scored over 240 on their CK.

It is easy to read and has almost all the high yield information from the USMLE World in a organized way. After going through the book my USMLE World scores averaged around 80. With that said, I will recommend this book to all my readers.

Now you might think I must be advertising for the book. Not at all, just like you, I also have MTB and Kaplan Lecture notes. In fact I read the Master The Boards 2 and 3, they both are amazing but missing so many information that I almost got frustrated and bought Yale-G’s Refined Clinical Review. The book is concise and to the point.

I barely have to take any notes from USMLE World because almost all the points from the UW is in the book. Not only that, after every chapter the author included about 50 – 60 questions to drill the information into your head.

Give it a shot. You wouldn’t regret it. In fact you can throw away all your other CK resources and stick to just Yale-G’s Refined Clinical Review + UW. Read the book 3 times and do USMLE World 3 times. You will for sure ace the exam. Good luck on your studies!