How To Use USMLE World Multiple Times Without Buying The Subscriptions

USMLE World is undoubtedly the best question bank for medicine. It helped so many medical students to pass the boards. But, it is pretty expensive and since some of us like to repeat it multiple times to score high on step 1 we end up paying more.

Medical students are usually broke paying off the tuition. So today I am going to show you how you can repeat USMLE World once your “Reset” option is gone. USMLE World usually gives you 2 reset options for 1 year subscription.

So if you run out of those reset options or if you only signed up for 3 months subscription and want to repeat USMLE World multiple times then you can still use the entire UW without paying anything.

Here is how you can repeat USMLE World without buying new subscriptions.

Follow the steps: 
  1. Click on Tutor Mode
  2. Select any Main Divisions (e.g. Anatomy)
  3. Select any Sub Divisions (e.g. Blood Vessels)
  4. Input 46 Questions
  5. Click Generate Test
  6. Mark Every Single Questions
  7. Click End Block
  8. Now go back to the main page and you should be able to see the number of Marked Questions on the bottom left

If a sub division has more than 46 questions, you have to keep repeating steps 1 – 7 multiple times to get all the questions marked. Don’t get frustrated, it will take you an hour and half to mark the entire USMLE World. And you will save lots of money.

Once you are done marking the entire UW you can now do the blocks normally. Just make sure to select the “Marked” option when you create a block. And every time you finish a block, it will automatically unmark the questions that you just did. This way you wouldn’t repeat any questions.

Enjoy studying!