How to get 250 on USMLE Step 1

Everyone wants to get a very good score on step 1. I know how that feeling is because I went through the same thing. Getting a 250 is not hard but it’s not easy either.

The exam itself is it not difficult but the difficult part is staying focused.

What I realized from my experience of step 1 is that the key to get a very good score is repetition. I will get on that shortly. But first let me tell you what you should do.

Let’s just say you came from a crappy medical school where you did not learn much. Yeah we all blame the school right? So let’s just say that’s the case.

You are out of the school and need to pass Step 1 what should you do?

The first thing you want to do is to realize which subjects you hate the most because you and I know those are your weakness.

Once you know what you are weak at read the Kaplan lecture notes of those subjects. Take your time reading those. Even if it takes a month to finish one subject; do it.

Watch the videos along with the book. Remember, Kaplan is a gold standard for steps. So once you get your weak subjects out of the way now you can move on with the followings:

  1. Start with First Aid. Read it system wise first and do USMLE World with it. For example, if you read the cardiology section of First Aid (FA) then you want to do the cardiology section of USMLE World. Do that for the entire FA. Make sure you take notes as you go along. If you don’t know what to write from USMLE World then just write the educational objectives.
  2. Once you are done the entire USMLE World then read the FA front to back with your notes.
  3. Once you are done reading FA front to back with notes then do USMLE World again without taking notes unless they added any new questions meanwhile.
  4. Once you are done with USMLE World 2nd time read First Aid again front to back.
  5. Then do USMLE World 3rd time
  6. Now read First Aid again front to back
  7. Trust me by now you should be ready for the exam.

Don’t forget to take NBME after each time you complete USMLE World (UW).

From my experience I can tell you that after you are done with UW first time chances are that your first NBME score will be very low.

Don’t get disappointed.

Do UW again and take another NBME. Now you will see the real magic.

Your NBME score should be a very good score. And once you are done with the third time of UW.

You will hit around 240+. You get the idea?

Sometimes even after all the hard work, your score may not improve. Maybe you are not studying the material the right way.

I can definitely help you out. If you want to speak to me directly feel free to consult with me for a one-on-one session and I can help you create a study guide, schedule and much more.

Good Luck Everyone!