Step 1 99% Score

Step 1 Score: 233/99
I’m pretty happy. I can remember making 3-4 dumb mistakes that I knew
the answer to a few days after the exam but what can you do. I studied for approximately 3 months. It took me a long time to get
through USMLE World and annotating all the answers into FA but I think
it helped me a lot.
I’m hoping to get into a good IM program and then hopefully a fellowship
after that. I used Kaplan lectures and FA as my primary resources along with USMLE
World and Kaplan Qbank.
I had about a 65% avg in both question banks doing timed random blocks. My NBME and UW assessment scores were right around that range. I’d say
that they predicted scarily well… but I guess it differs on the
particular test and person.
I start rotations in NY on August 1st!